There are several ways that you can help the BSAdv project.

 Help maintain BSA rank and Merit Badge Requirements

The Boy Scouts of America updates requirements one or two times each year.  These changes need to be captured in the BSAdv database. It takes no knowledge of software to capture these changes in a format that BSAdv can use. We need someone to keep track of these changes and bring them to our attention.

Maintain a group site

We need a site for users to share their experiences and ideas for improvements.

Help define new features

Many times, we note that a certain feature would make the information in BSAdv much more useful.  Sometimes, it will simply be a better organization of the information.  Other times, it will be a new collection of information displayed on a single page that makes a specific task much easier for the unit leaders.  You can help define these new features.

Register at JoomlaCode and make suggestions. If you are familiar with HTML, you can create some examples of what the information would look like on the web page.  Many times, having a good example makes the implementation much easier.

Help find bugs

BSAdv was designed to work with all major browsers, but it is difficult for us to test all combinations of web servers and browsers.  Help make BSAdv more robust by telling us when things are broken.

Write software

BSAdv is written in PHP and use MySQL commands. Most editing tasks use JavaScript. If you are familiar with these languages, then you can contribute to the software effort.

The good news is that BSAdv is written in an modular fashion.  There are over 20 tasks in the initial release.  Each task extracts specific information from the BSAdv database and formats it to fit on the web page.  In some cases, it uses JavaScript to create dynamic web pages.  In some cases, it reads information that the web user has entered, and updates the BSAdv database.  You can learn how this is coded from the existing tasks and use that knowledge to create new tasks.

The bad news is that there are many database tables in BSAdv.  If the information that you want spans multiple tables, then the MySQL database commands can get complicated.  Are you familiar with SQL joins?  If you are interested in learning about the database, we welcome your help.  If you want to leave that to others, we understand.  You can still help us define new BSAdv tasks.

Regardless of your skills and available time, we welcome your help.  Start by registering at JoomalCode.