BSAdv can be customized to fit the needs of your unit.  Some choices are critical to the correct operation of your web site.  Others are optional.  For detailed instructions, see the users manual in the Downloads section on JoomlaCode.  All of these changes are made in the back-end of your web site.

Essential Customizations
You must define who has read and write access to the various parts of the BSAdv database.  You will also do this for other parts of your unit web site.  BSAdv defines five different write access points, and one global read access.  This gives your unit web site administrator flexibility to grant write access for adult leaders to limited areas on the unit web site.  Make sure that you have restricted read and write access to your web site before you enter data on your Scouts and adults.

Important Customizations
There is unit-specific text on the advancement web page.  You should customize it for your unit.  Certain reports need unit identification.  You should enter your unit type and number and your Council name.  There are links at the bottom of the advancement page that are temporary substitutes for menu items.  When you implement menu items for BSAdv, you can disable these links on the advancement page.

Optional Customizations
BSAdv can log changes made to the database.  You can enable or disable logging, and change the maximum number of entries stored in the log.  You can completely disable any changes to the BSAdv database.  With one exception, you can disable the entry and display of any or all personal information on your Scouts.  You can change the width of the table of Scouts on the main advancement page.