BSAdv 2.0 (1 Sep 2014)

Enhancement: Compatible with Joomla 3.x.  Not compatible with previous versions of Joomla. Many changes were needed to make BSAdv compatible with Joomla 3.x.

 BSAdv1.2.6 (26 May 2014)

Bug Fix: Added rank requirements equivalents to both the Scout Individual Advancement Record and the individual Scout Records report.  Rank requirement equivalents were added in BSAdv1.2.4.

BSAdv1.2.5 (28 Jan 2014)

Bug fix:  Fixed a problem with back end edits deleting the new configuration parameter created in 1.2.4.

BSAdv1.2.4 (27 Jan 2014)

Enhancement: added Rank Requirement Equivalents.

Added a new task to track and update the three independent ways that BSAdv tracks rank advancement for each Scout:

  1. Events and Deeds. How and when rank requirements are completed.
  2. Current rank. The rank the Scout currently holds.
  3. Awards. Keeping track of when a rank has been earned, in preparation for awarding the rank badge to the Scout.

Prior to this release of BSAdv, these three aspects of rank advancement were tracked separately. The new task highlights discrepancies between these three aspects and allows the adult leaders to correct or update the database.

The edit menu has been changed to accommodate this new task.

A new concept added to BSAdv is Rank Requirement Equivalents. This is a complex concept that is explained in the BSAdv User Manual. It simplifies record keeping when you have Scouts who are working on different versions of the same rank.

Other than bug fixes, this will be the last version of BSAdv that will support Joomla version 2.x.

BSAdv1.2.3 (20 Oct 2012)


  • Eliminate the extra step to confirm an edit session at the beginning of the edit session. This reduces the number of steps in editing the database. A significant amount of code was changed. Hopefully, there are no remaining bugs. Users will need to be aware of the different behavior:
    • You do not need to enter a reason or confirm the intent to edit. You will go directly to the edit page.
    • There is a new link at the top of each edit page:1 edit session is open. It shows the number of edit sessions that are currently active. Clicking the link will open a new window or tab in your browser with details of the open edit sessions.  This allows the user to note if other users are editing the database, and to optionally delete the record of an edit session. Deleting the record does not change that edit session, just the record of it in the notifications. This new window informs a user who is editing the database that another user is also editing it.  As a result, the first user can choose to abort the edit or continue.
  • Added  new link on the main edit page: List open edit sessions. This allows the user to view open edit sessions, as described above.
  • When editing a Scout's personal information, changed 'current rank' from an number entry to a drop-down menu selection. This is a convenience for the user.
  • There is a new link (Roster) on the page when viewing an Event. Clicking this will open a new window or tab in your browser with a roster of Scouts and adults who participate in that event. Thanks to a user suggestion for this new feature.
  • When adding a new Scout, adult, event, award or account, jump directly to the edit task for that new entry. This is a convenience for the user and reduces the number of steps.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed links in pages shown after editing various entries. The links failed and defaulted to the home page.
  • Fixed bug in edit adult: could not add or edit a training item.
  • Fixed bug in edit event: difficulty selecting ranks and Merit Badges.
  • Removed the browser data entry checking in edit event.  It was incorrect and more of a pain than it was worth.

BSAdv1.2.2, 20 July, 2012

Implements one bug fix and one enhancement.

  • Fixed the ability to delete multiple open edit sessions at the beginning of a new edit session.
  • Added a csv (comma separated values) format output option to the roster task.

This is a minor update.  If these changes are not important to you, you can choose not to implement this update.  They will be included in the next update that you choose to implement.

BSAdv1.2.1, 09 June, 2012

Fixed 9 categories of bugs with the previous release.

  • Allows the display and selection of blank items in accounts, adults, awards, events and Scouts. Blank items result from incomplete user entries, but need to be editable.
  • Clean up garbage displayed when selecting an adult from the list of adults.
  • Keep entered data from being deleted when editing Scout information.
  • Fix 'delete Scout' in adult edit session.
  • Improve ordering in database log display.
  • Make edit account work correctly.
  • Create tasks to add and edit Scout awards.
  • Add adult training items to adult editing session.
  • Improve the format of the individual Scout records.

BSAdv1.2, 04 March, 2012

Updates Rank and Merit Badge information from BSA.  Fixed a few more bugs that caused confusing responses when updates are disabled.  Operation with updates disabled is not a normal operating mode.

Unfortunately, a bug in the BSAdv1.2 revision control keeps some users from updating to newer releases with the normal back-end update method.  There is a temporary component com_bsadvfix in the BSAdv SourceForge site that will correct this problem and allow updates.  See documentation on this web site.

BSAdv1.1.1, 03 March, 2012

Bug fix to correct a problem with BSAdv revision control.  Users with releases 1.1 and earlier will see a series of two updates, the first to 1.1.1 and the second to 1.2.  These updates are implemented normally through the Joomla extension back end update mechanism in your web site.

BSAdv1.1, 25 January, 2012

This is a cosmetic bug fix.  It removes confusing responses when the user attempts to modify the database when updates are disabled.  It is unlikely that your live site would disable database updates, so you should never see this bug.  This bug was observed on this demo site.  No data errors occurred, just a confusing response.

BSAdv1.0, 23 November, 2011

Original release.