These features are likely to be implemented in future releases.

For Joomla 2.x

  • The Rank Requirement Equivalences added in release 1.2.5 need to be reflected in the list of Scout completions in scoutranks.  This bug was fixed in the ongoing edits for the BSAdv releases for Joomla 3.x.  It  will be added as a bug fix for the Joomla 2.x code also.


  • List incomplete advancement requirements and Merit Badge requirements for a user-defined collection of Scouts.  This will allow the leaders to identify activities that would benefit a set of Scouts who are attending an event, such as a campout.
  • Add a 'closed' field to accounts.  Allow the user to select an account from a list of open accounts.  This allows old accounts to remain in the BSAdv database, but to be hidden from normal use.
  • The accounts database needs additional reports and edit forms to make this data more useful.
  • Add the ability to track adult awards.
  • ScoutNET certification.  This should be straightforward from the programming side, but may take some time to get approved.