BSAdv gives your unit two ways to protect the information on your youth.  It uses web site access controls to control who can access each of six different parts of the BSAdv database.  It also allows the web site administrator to eliminate any or all Scout data from the database, providing the ultimate protection.

 Password Protection

BSAdv allows restricted access to six different parts of the database.  These parts are:

  • Write Scout information.
  • Write adult information.
  • Write financial information.
  • Write activities and advancement.
  • BSAdv administration.
  • Read access to all of the data.

The unit web site administrator can limit access to any of these parts to specific individuals with accounts on the unit web site. This is controlled through the unit web site back end.

Data Elimination

If the unit believes that the web site access controls do not offer adequate protection of Scout information, the web site administrator can eliminate any of the Scout data from the unit web site.  Data eliminated from the site can no longer be read from or written to the database.  If the data is not there, there is no danger of it being misused. This is also controlled through the unit web site web site back end.