BSAdv allows one or more unit leaders to record information in the unit web site about unit activities and rank advancement.  The unit can optionally record information about Scouts and adults (name, address, telephone number, etc.).  The resulting data can be viewed on the unit web site.

 The unit has control of who can read and write information on the web site.  BSAdv has been designed to display advancement for Scouts.  This can be configured to have either public or private access.

Additionally, the database includes awards, deposits and payments.  A variety of reports can be generated from the data.

The future of BSAdv will depend on what the users want out of it.  It is easy to display information in different ways that are useful in different situations.  We can make new uses of the existing information.  An example of this is the advancement information.  It currently can be viewed two ways:

View which Scouts participated in specific rank advancement activities at a campout.  This is the same view that the adult leaders use to record the Scout participation at that campout. This is the most convenient way for the adult leaders to view and edit this data.  For a single event, who participated in it and what did they do? advancement at campout
Show the rank advancement activities for a specific Scout.  This is a collection of accomplishments that have been entered for this Scout at each meeting or campout.  This shows how those accomplishments contribute towards his rank advancement. The same advancement activities that were displayed for a campout are now displayed for the Scout.  It is the same information, just displayed differently. Scout advancement view

This ability of looking at the information in different ways is inherent to the way the information is captured in BSAdv.  Additional views of the same information can be created.  We just need to imagine ways that this information can be arranged to help us deliver the Scouting program.  Some of the existing views have come from BSAdv users.  We need your ideas to make this program more useful.