Several people have asked to use BSAdv for Cub Scouts.  It is possible, but will take some work.  The work has not started, but there is a plan. We will need volunteers to complete item #1.

  1. Replace Boy Scout advancement in the database tables with Cub Scout information. There are four tables that contain Boy Scout information. The data needs to be replaced with Cub Scout information.  The first two are associated with rank advancement requirements.  The second two are associated with merit badge requirements.  Cub Scout requirements need to be mapped to these four tables.
    1. ranks - a list of the ranks themselves.  Updated ranks with new requirements are listed in addition to the previous ranks of the same name.
    2. ranksreqs - a list of the rank requirements for each of the ranks in the previous table.  This is a much larger table than the list of ranks.
    3. meritbadges - Cubs do not have merit badges, but their Academic and Sports awards can be mapped to this table.
    4. mbreqs - a list of the requirements for each of the awards in the previous table.  This is a much larger table than the list of awards.
  2. Replace text in the BSAdv views with translation tags.  Create a Boy Scout translation file to replace the translation tags with text specific to Boy Scouts.
  3. Create a translation file specific to Cub Scouts.  Cub Scout units will use these translations instead of the Boy Scout translations.