The Menu shows the three main entry points to the BSAdv data: Advancement, Reports and Edit.

The Advancement menu item will take you to the main BSAdv advancement report page.  It shows the current rank for each active Scout.  Each Scout's name is a link to a page showing his advancement record.

The Reports menu item takes you to a list of reports that BSAdv generates from the database. These reports are generated dynamically from the database.  There is essentially no delay between entering data and viewing reports that contain that data.

The Edit menu item takes you to a list of online forms that can add, modify and delete information in the BSAdv database.

On this web site, we have installed a small set of fictitious unit data so you can exercise most of the functionality of BSAdv. We have also disabled all changes to the BSAdv database so you can use all of the BSAdv features without fear of actually changing anything on this site.