This is the demo site for the BSAdv component. BSAdv is used for tracking Boy Scout advancement and participation in unit activities.  This version of BSAdv requires Joomla version 3.0 or higher.  Support (FAQ, forums, documents) can be found at SourceForge.  Other versions of BSAdv can be found at SourceForge that run on Joomla2.x.

Try the three links: Advancement, Reports and Edit.

If you use BSAdv, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

The BSAdv component functions as one part of a unit Joomla web site. It operates along with other web site extensions that provide additional web site features.  BSAdv uses the same database as the rest of the web site.

This site is a fully-functional BSAdv web site,with a small amount of demonstration data.  This data allows you to test most of the features of the site.  The database update function has been turned off, so your changes will not affect the database. You do not need to log in to this site to experiment with it.

Normally, your web site administrator would limit access to this information on your Scouts and adults.  That feature has been disabled on this site, so the user can experiment with the component without a login account.

If you would like to test this software on your web site, download the user manual and the component zip file from JoomlaCode, Install the component and demonstration data on your site and see how it works on your server.