BSA has issued completely new requirements for Scout through Eagle.  For more information on these requirements, see the BSA Program Updates web site.

These changes are so significant that BSAdv has completely updated all rank requirements in the BSAdv2.1 release.  When you update your software, you will see the following:

  1. Scout records of advancement using the previous (pre-2016) rank requirements now appear different.  Instead of just stating 'Tenderfoot', it will show as 'Tenderfoot: 2001-01-01 to 2016-01-01'.  The old requirements did not go away, they just have an ending date, where they previously did not.  This ending date distinguishes them from the new 2016 requirements.  You do not need to change any existing requirements that have been captured in BSAdv.  This name change occurs automatically within BSAdv.
  2. The new 2016 requirements now have a name like 'Tenderfoot', without a date associated with it.  You will use these requirements to record advancement with the new 2016 requirements.

You may continue to record advancement using the old requirements for Scouts who qualify to do so, according to the BSA transition rules.  The BSAdv software does not enforce the BSA transition rules.  You need to do that for your unit.

You can check out the new and old BSA requirement lists in BSAdv by following the menu: Reports, then BSAdv Ranks.