BSAdv2.1 (13 Feb 2016)

Added new rank requirements for Scout through Eagle.  For more details, see 2016 Requirements.

Support site change (26 Apr 2015)

The entire JoomlaCode site will be closing, due to several issues with that site.  BSAdv has moved the download and support site to SourceForge.  This demo site will not change.  Updates to BSAdv on your Joomla site should continue uninterrupted.


BSAdv2.0 (1 Sep 2014)

Enhancement: Compatible with Joomla 3.x.  Not compatible with previous versions of Joomla.

This web site is now running Joomla 3.3.  See how it looks on tablets and cell phones.

Previous releases of BSAdv are not compatible with Joomla 3.x. To use BSAdv 2.0, you must first install or upgrade your web site to Joomla 3.x.  You can then install or upgrade to BSAdv 2.0.

Why did it take so long to get this BSAdv version released?  There were MANY software changes and they touched almost every part of the code.

  1. Joomla removed lots of code that they had repeatedly warned would be removed. This could be discovered only by running (hopefully) every bit of code and looking for error messages or unexpected output.
  2. Joomla 3.x made significant  changes to how components and modules are displayed.  Some of these broke BSAdv outputs (example: <label> is set to block instead of inline).
  3. Joomla 3.x requires the web server to use PHP minimum 5.3.10.  In PHP 5, the array_merge function was changed so it would accept parameters of only type array.  This broke some BSAdv software.

What is left to do.

Unfortunately, there are more changes needed. One of the marvelous things about Joomla 3.x is the way it adjusts to screens of various sizes.  I regularly test my development system with my cell phone.  Many parts of BSAdv were planned for use on a full-sized desktop computer.  Changes need to be made to make them work better on small screens.  In order to get a BSAdv component delivered for the Joomla 3.x release, many of these display optimizations have been delayed to future releases.  BSAdv release 2.0 is functional and hopefully bug-free.  It should operate as well on a desktop computer as previous BSAdv releases.